Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Jewish Genealogy and the First World War- Some Reflections

My apologies for posting so little in such a long time. I have just completed a blog posting for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (forgive the shameless plug!), to which the link is:

To spruce this up for my personal blog, I thought I might share the following picture, which emphasizes my own familial connection to the War. These portraits depicts Solomon Sidney (Sid) Rosebery, a major in the Royal Army Medical Corps; Henry Lefridge, my great-grandfather, only just 18, a private in the Army Service Corps; and Samuel (Sam) Altman, in the uniform of the Australian Infantry, brother of my great-grandmother Millie Lefridge - Sid was her sister Dorothy's husband. These men all survived the conflict, and in fact Sid Rosebery stayed in the Army and went on to serve in the Second World War. Millie's youngest brother, Lionel (below) was not so fortunate, he died in northern France in 1917, aged only 18; another brother Louis died in the Spanish flu epidemic immediately after the War. These are my family's own connection to the conflict, whose centenary I discuss in the main post.

Lionel Altman, Bedford Regt. signed 1915