Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's in a photo? I am fascinated by the collection (or, to use
the technical term, mish mash) of family photos that exists in my family.
Here is a good example in numerous respects; though small,
it is still in fairly good condition; the date taken is recorded as 26th June 1932 on the back by one of the sitters (the lady on the far left)- Clara Robinson née Saffer (1894-1962); the location is given as Beech Hill, a house on Singleton Road in North Manchester, which I fortunate enough to visit in Summer of 2009.
There is no indication, however, as to who these people are: so it is,
that I, and my immediate family can only safely identify two: Clara,
far left, and rather brilliantly nonchalant in the chair, her father Harry, or Harris Saffer (1869-1959) leading light of the North Manchester Jewish community, and one of the founders of the Brodyer Synagogue in 1891, which later became part of the North Manchester Synagogue. So much for those two; and the others? Clara had seven siblings surviving at the time this photo was taken. I'd like to think that it shows Clara and her father with two of her sisters and their husbands- but unfortunately I've know way of knowing. Such is life, and, more to the point, genealogy.

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