Monday, 31 December 2012

Mystery Monday- Nameless Faces

I've written before on how wonderful a resource old photographs can be, and just how lucky I am to have quite a lot in my family. If there's on thing that really can drive me wild, it's unnamed, and unidentifiable photographs. Here is a fine example. With the exception of the very small child in the broad hat at the front, my great grandfather Henry Lefcovitch, I have no idea who these people are. Given the poses, it seems probable that they are all family of one sort or another, but, of what one can make out of their features, I do not recognise any of them from the other photographs in the family collection. None of these people here are his grandparents, on either side, nor do can I make out his parents.

A rather more glamorous example from the same collection is depicted below. I can make more of an educated guess as to who she may be, but still not be certain. While this young lady certainly has the colouring and bearing of a Jacobs, and the address of the studio at the bottom indicates a member of the New York branches, I can think of at least four girls (young Henry's first cousins on his mother's side); sadly, unlike others in the collection, this photograph has not been labelled on the back. One can but wonder if that fabulous muff was hers.

Finally, another magnificently, if somewhat unconventionally dressed young woman. Once again, she is probably a Jacobs girl, though more likely a London one. She appears to be wearing a wedding ring, but alas, this does not really help identify her specifically. These photos are still fascinating glimpses into my ancestors' past but goodness, if you recognize anyone, please let me know!


  1. It would be fun to identify people who could identify old photos. I have some old letters of my gg grandfather and sometimes I try to find people who might have ancestors mentioned in them. We have to reach other to each other. I found "An Early Christmas Gift: this year, and it was interesting to share it with this community of bloggers. In family history we never know what we are going to find.

    Welcome to Geneabloggers!

    Regards, Grant

  2. Daniel, I share your frustration over these unidentified photographs! And I celebrate your decision to bring these unknowns out into the daylight by posting them on your blog. I recently decided to do just the same thing with my own collection of frustrations (photographs)--although I do have to say, your selections are so much grander!

    I found your blog today, thanks to GeneaBloggers. I wish you the best as you pursue these mystery identities!